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Multiplayer For Minecraft PE



Hi again guys,


I wanted to tell you about this APP they you can get for MInecraft PE (best to use your iPad). It's called 'Multiplayedr For MInecraft PE'. It's a very good APP that connects to you games on MInecraft PE. You just need to down load it and then to use the APP you must have MInecraft PE open (Or the APP wont work!)


How To join Someone Elses Game

  To join someone elses game around the world press 'Join Game'. Then click on the game you want to play on and wait for you to connect. When it says you are connected you can (or cannot) use voice chat with the other players in the MInecraft world. Then switch over to you MInecraft APP and press 'Play' on the front page. Wait a few seconds and it sould come up with a Multiplayer game at the top (at bottom if you havent updated to version 0.7.2 or more). Click on it and then it should counect you to the game!


How To Make Your Own Game

  To make your own game for others to join go to the front page of the 'Multiplayer For MInecraft' APP and click on 'Host Game'. You will then have to make a server by clicking on 'Add Server' in the top right corner. You can choose what to call it, give it a description and make the game public or private. To make the game public means that aanyone with the APP can play on it. If you make it private means that you can only play with your Games Center Friends. You can then choose which friends of yours that can playon your server so you can narrow you game down to the people you know. I pritty much alwayes useprivate now. Aftermeating lots of people in others worlds in Minecraft and when you have friended them I would then use private.


My Server To Get You Started

  To get you started I thought I would give you my details of my server. My server is called 'Survive'. I am always on from 6:00 to 7:00/ 7:30PM (English time) First please alsk me for a friend request on the Games Center. My name is 'Cuttingclan'. PLesae just leave a note in it saying that you got this from Hatena blog so I know who you are. Tell me if I have missed out any vittal info or you need help or anything!


johncutting- The MIner For Minecraft

Does Herobrine really exist?




Does he exist? We all want to know but no body knows for sure.On Minecraft wiki some claim they have seen him in the distance only just seable in the mist. Some say the first time they see him he holds nothing and runs away and vanishes in the ground and the next time they see him he is right behind you with a dimond sword and kills you straight away. Some say he is the dead brother of the owner for the game, Notch, but nobody knows for sure. On Youtube people show clips of them getting killed by him, but some say they just changed their skins and went on multiplayer.  You are sure to die if you see him, even if you lock your self up in a chamber with the strongerst materials he breaks in with ease. Some say he makes caves and strange pryramids in the dirt and sand. " NEVER MESS WITH HIM I SAY" says so many people I can't count.


  In short I will say, " YOU CAN'T WIN!!!" Get off the server and close it down, before it's too late!!!"


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Things to do when you first start playing Minecraft PE version 0.7.2



Hi guys!


This is me again! When you first get minecraft, (which I highley recomend that you do) build a house! Gather resorses such as dirt and sand to build it with. DO NOT try to make a roof of sand. This is because it will fall because of gravity. This is the same with gravel! Dirt is the best for making a house (when you are a beginer that is!). 


  Then make a bed. You can make a bed by killing 3 sheep and getting wood to make wooden planks. You also MUST make a crafting table to make the bed. I would also make a chest and a funace as well! The bed can only be used at night. When you have put it on the ground (and it is night time) just be close to it and tap on it.


  The next day I would staft to make some tools, mainly swords and picaxes. By this time in the game I think you will have found out how to make them!


  Start to dig underground and try to find some coal to make tourches. If you don't know what coal looks like it looks like stone with black bits in it. If that is not a good enought description try to search it on minecraft wiki. It is mainly found under ground but can be found on the ground of on big walls. Coal can also be made in a furnace by burning wood! Then get some wood from trees to make sticks.


  Be warned about enemies! You can find out about them on minecraft wiki!


  If I've missed anything out plaese leave a comment to tell me! I hope this has helped you all as much as possible!


johncutting- The miner For MInecraft


P.S, Ive got mors stuff on my blog about Minecraft PE!






Hi guys!


Who likes minecraft? I do! At about christmas 2013 there is going to be a brand new AWSOMELY BIG update! After version 0.7.0 came there were afew bugs such as you couldnt get things out of your furnaces and you couldn't take of your armor! There were also great things about it such as you can talk to other people, buckets, relms, fire, cake, eggs and a new starting background! All of them were awsome! After 2 mini updates to fix some of the bugs we are now at version 0.7.2.

  At christmas 2013 there will be another masive update, vesion 0.8.0! There will be red stone that can be collected, minecarts and rail, portals, new mobs (such as wolfs/ dogs, slimes, endermen), boats, long grass and desert grass,  underground caves and much more!


  If you know there will be other things added can you please leave a comment!


I think the rest of 2013 is going to be a VERY good year for Minecraft PE!


johncutting- The miner For MInecraft


P.S I've got more stuff on my blog about Minecraft PE if you want to know more!