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TNT World Destroyed By Chicken!!!

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Unlimeted Diamonds Glitch

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0.7.3 is OUT MAN!!!

Hey guys! Breaking News Hello and welcome to the MInecraft PE News. Recently version 0.7.3 for MInecraft PE has come out. This is a break through proving I was WRONG and that 0.7.3 was going to come out! In version 0.7.3 This are: Double c…

Danger, danger, high voltage!!!

Hi guys. Now, I know what your going to say. "This blog is about MInecraft" but I HAD to tell you all that I'm getting a 3DS on the 21st of December 2013!!! Any body that has a 3DS please tell me you friend code. If you do please subscribe…

Same Old, Same Old.

Hi Guys, It's johncutting- The Miner For Minecraft here. Nothing is happening on Minecraft PE at the Moment. I thought version 0.7.3 was going to come out, but that was just a rumor, and it was wrong. :( Lets hope time flys and minecarts a…

How To Duplicate Iron/Gold/Diamond Blocks

Hi Guys! For all those people that really need great blocks (such as iron, gold and diamond) this clip below should tell you all the information you need to know about it: If you like this please subscribe! Help Me To Improve My Blog. If t…

Minecraft Music

If you are looking at this on my blog you will see that below this are some Minecraft songs. They are: I'll Play Minecraft, Never Say Goodbye, Revenge Fallen Kingdom, TNT, Mine It Out These I would say are the best Minecraft songs there ar…

Mine It Out- Minecraft Songs

TNT- Minecraft Songs

Fallen Kingdom- Minecraft Songs

Revenge- Minecraft Songs

Never Say Goodbye- Minecraft Songs

I'll Play Minecraft- Minecraft Songs

Multiplayer For Minecraft PE

Hi again guys, I wanted to tell you about this APP they you can get for MInecraft PE (best to use your iPad). It's called 'Multiplayedr For MInecraft PE'. It's a very good APP that connects to you games on MInecraft PE. You just need to do…

Does Herobrine really exist?

Does he exist? We all want to know but no body knows for sure.On Minecraft wiki some claim they have seen him in the distance only just seable in the mist. Some say the first time they see him he holds nothing and runs away and vanishes in…

Things to do when you first start playing Minecraft PE version 0.7.2

Hi guys! This is me again! When you first get minecraft, (which I highley recomend that you do) build a house! Gather resorses such as dirt and sand to build it with. DO NOT try to make a roof of sand. This is because it will fall because …


Hi guys! Who likes minecraft? I do! At about christmas 2013 there is going to be a brand new AWSOMELY BIG update! After version 0.7.0 came there were afew bugs such as you couldnt get things out of your furnaces and you couldn't take of yo…