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Hi guys!


Who likes minecraft? I do! At about christmas 2013 there is going to be a brand new AWSOMELY BIG update! After version 0.7.0 came there were afew bugs such as you couldnt get things out of your furnaces and you couldn't take of your armor! There were also great things about it such as you can talk to other people, buckets, relms, fire, cake, eggs and a new starting background! All of them were awsome! After 2 mini updates to fix some of the bugs we are now at version 0.7.2.

  At christmas 2013 there will be another masive update, vesion 0.8.0! There will be red stone that can be collected, minecarts and rail, portals, new mobs (such as wolfs/ dogs, slimes, endermen), boats, long grass and desert grass,  underground caves and much more!


  If you know there will be other things added can you please leave a comment!


I think the rest of 2013 is going to be a VERY good year for Minecraft PE!


johncutting- The miner For MInecraft


P.S I've got more stuff on my blog about Minecraft PE if you want to know more!