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Does Herobrine really exist?




Does he exist? We all want to know but no body knows for sure.On Minecraft wiki some claim they have seen him in the distance only just seable in the mist. Some say the first time they see him he holds nothing and runs away and vanishes in the ground and the next time they see him he is right behind you with a dimond sword and kills you straight away. Some say he is the dead brother of the owner for the game, Notch, but nobody knows for sure. On Youtube people show clips of them getting killed by him, but some say they just changed their skins and went on multiplayer.  You are sure to die if you see him, even if you lock your self up in a chamber with the strongerst materials he breaks in with ease. Some say he makes caves and strange pryramids in the dirt and sand. " NEVER MESS WITH HIM I SAY" says so many people I can't count.


  In short I will say, " YOU CAN'T WIN!!!" Get off the server and close it down, before it's too late!!!"


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